Series C301 – Hitech Europe

The C301 Series cut-off machines originates from the technological development of the C251 Series. In addition to the basic features which are common to both series, the C301 models accomodate cutting wheels up to 300mm diameter, and have a more powerful and sophisticated engine, controlled by a frequency inverter. The main function of the frequency inverter is to electronically control the engine power (that may vary during the sample cutting process). This improves the performances and makes them uniform. Moreover, the inverter acts as a motor brake in case of power failure (caused, for example, by the safety switch that immediately interrupts the power supply in case the cover is open while the machine is working), allowing the complete stop of the motor in a shorter time than a machine not equipped with the inverter.
For all the C Series we offer a very interesting operating invention: DUO system. It is a base useful for installing standard vices or quick acting vices plus a special V shaped vice for the longitudinal cut of very small samples (50 mm. max. length), with round or hexagonal section (typical sample: screw bolt from 3M to 16M). It is the best solution to obtain a perfect section in the maximum diametric point.

The C301 series are also available in automatic version, C301AT. The C301AT is equipped with a touchscreen and speed control (variable speed).

tecmet2000 supplies a wide range of abrasive cut off wheels for various materials (soft, average hard, hard, extra-hard, aluminium and titanium), in different materials (standard ones, specialized ones such as the universal and the fiberglass reticulum) and many diameters ( from 200 mm. up to 300 mm.)
The offer includes the vegetable and ecologic cutting oil.

For more information about the C301 Series cut off saws see the data sheet.