Prova compressione – CTM HOYTOM

The CTM model hydraulic press, which is part of the HOYTOM PRO series, can achieve nominal capacities of up to 6,000 kN. This equipment has been especially designed to test the compressive strength of cylindrical, cubic and prismatic concrete test specimens, and to test for indirect traction, in compliance with the corresponding standards. Each machine includes Hoytom’s HoyWin® test control software, and our custom designed electronics. This enables users to extract maximum performance and accuracy, through a simple and intuitive interface. Typical applications are aimed at the construction industry, where it is used for testing materials such as concrete, rocks and cement.

  1. Extremely rigid framefor minimum deformation during testing
  2. Top plate with ball joint
  3. Desktop computerwith HoyWin® software
  4. Side guard
  5. Modern appearance with ergonomic design
  6. Easy to transport via forklift or crane