Company profile

Tecmet2000 is a limited company in the market of measurement testing and quality control machines since 1983. In our thirty-years activity we reached an high level of commercial and technical experience in metallography, hardness testing, microscopy, metrology and mechanical testing. Our competence in this field enable us to provide the best world products and partners for our customers. Our mission is take care of the customer’s needs as regard first the sale assistance, then the prototype project and finally line production of machines for metallographic sample preparation.


Our story, our services

tecmet2000 was founded in 1983 as representative agency of the “Officine Galileo” which was in Florence. tecmet’s goals was selling Nikon’s hardness testers and microscopes in Lombardy. Both the activity and the market grew fast such that in 1987 tecmet2000 was established. During the following years the company supplied the Italian market with Nikon’s products and had the exclusive rights to re-sell measurement testing and quality control machines produced by international brands (Future-Tech, KB, Proceq, Hoytom, Vici, MTS, Andilog). The great success in the sales led to the gradual development of the “service”, i.e. presales consulting, technical assistance, training courses and refresh trainings. Our mission is providing rapid and efficient responses to satisfy customer’s needs. Choosing tecmet2000 is a guarantee of quality and full spectrum transparency, therefore, our staff undertakes continuous refresh courses and offer its competency even for testing machine functions in the “demo showroom”. Since the beginning, the metallographic machines and products commercialization has been fundamental for tecmet’s activity as a support for microscopes and hardness testers line. The importance of hitech europe’s machines led to improve its planning and production as regard the metallographic sample preparation. Nowadays, our production of hitech europe’s machines are sold in Italy, Europe and worldwide. Extending its network and distributing continuously historical brands are tecmet’s goals, which demonstrate its reliability and professionalism, the same provided to its partners and, above all, to its customers . tecmet 2000 is a dynamic company, which always improves its services in order to offer it customers the best quality. Thanks to its approach tecmet2000 was certified to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 in 2001, and , since 2010 it has been certified once more to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 since, both standards guarantee the quality of processes, products and services.

Certified company UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, from 2010 UNI EN ISO 9001:2008..

Our references

Our customers are universities and polytechnic institutes, private research centre and SRC (Science Research Council) all around Italy. The most important aeronautical and automotive firms, many other firms of the precision mechanics sector, or in the production mechanics one, those in the energy development sector, providing heat treatments and special coverage such as foundries, forging industries, or plant engineering, and more micro-electronics or testing laboratories, they all chose tecmet 2000 for its quality in technical solutions and customer service.