Tecmet 2000 offers a wide choice of services to its customers not only in the presales consulting and in the technical assistance, but also in training courses and refresh trainings.


Find the tools

Our staff delivers highly qualified consultancy services: providing technical information, advising on the most suitable instruments for customers needs, and designing functional laboratories is our job.

Tailor-made methodology for metallographic sample preparation

Tens of years in the field gave our team the highest experience level requested to develop metallographic sample preparation instruments, and specific consultancy to fulfill customer’s needs.

Demo showroom

In our new, large and well-equipped demo room our customers can test a wide range of machines and their features.

For more information or schedule an appointment contact us.


Our technical staff skills cover all the range of our machines, for which post-sales support is always available. The services includes:

  • Installation and warranty
  • Checking and setting of the calibration
  • Technical assistance on call (repair service)
  • Programmed maintenance contracts
  • Online assistance or by phone call
  • Upgrades (retrofit) and inspections


Our range of services includes also training courses and refresh trainings about metallography or hardness topics, which can be held, according to the customer’s requirements, at our premises or on site.