Metallographic Sample Preparation - Cutting, Mounting, Polishing - Tecmet2000

Metallographic Machines

As its mission is offering quality machines, high performances and competitive prices, tecmet2000 puts all it sector experience and competency into practice using the line of the Hitech europe’s machines.

The cutting machines, the mounting presses, Hitech europe’s polishers, produced by tecmet2000, are projected to fulfil the different customers’ needs.

We offer a large variety of accessories and consumption materials (useful for cutting, grinding, polishing and so on).

All of them has been tested and selected by our technicians. Preparing good quality sample is essential not only for studying the structural and morphological characteristic of the metallic material, but also for understanding chemical, physical, mechanical and technological characteristics and properties, and moreover for forecasting material reactions under certain conditions, or checking material and working procedure quality.