MP311 Series – Hitech Europe

Hitech Europe’s metallographic manual polishers MP Series are robust machines equipped with a fiberglass cover and a solid steel chassis, which is corrosion, heat and impact resistant .
These polishers have a single or double removable working wheel of 200, 230, 250 or 300 mm diameters.
Speed is fixed (300 RPM) or variable (till 600 RPM) and there’s an adjustable hydraulic unit.
The MP311 is a single wheel polishing machines, which has two versions: fixed speed (300 RPM) or variable speed (till 600 RPM); commands can present a membrane panel, or a touch screen in the MP311T version.
The touch screen allows to set the parameters analogically: speed, rotation of the working wheel (clockwise or anti-clockwise), test cycle time and so on.
The MP311T can be combined with an automatic polishing head.